Whose Line UK – vasectomy hoedown plus credits

The Vasectomy hoedown plus credits reading from the UK version, season 6.

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  1. I just started getting into the UK version of Whose Line and I just have to
    say that Tony Slattery is quite possibly the best hoedown artist. That
    verse was genius.

  2. Just the other day my husband said to me I wanna get a vasectami I freaked
    out for a moment but than i remembered we had our tenth child in desember

  3. i fight fires in germany, they really are the worst i will now do german in
    my next verse ich liebe dich gustig, die madchen ist explode look at that,
    jumping jumping on die trampoline which roughly translates to, i fight
    fires in germany, they really are the worst, i will now do german in my
    next verse, I love you, the maggots are exploding! look at that, jumping
    jumping on the trampoline lmao colin xDD i love you ryan! he’s so hot,
    young & old

  4. i think it would be good for tony going on the u.s one it will get them
    sacked from doing the US one and they will do more U.K ones

  5. ich liebe dich, grüß dich das mädchen ill exploden ruckesack,
    tschumpetschump und oh den trampolinen no, doesn’t make sense XD

  6. “Mädchen” means “girl.” The A has an umlaut, and it’s pronounced
    “MADE-chen.” I think Colin was going for “Matchen” to sound like “match” in
    German (not actually how they say it, but like how my dad adds “gehugen” to
    everything to make it sound German). Matches would make sense, if he’s
    talking about fires. I think he said “gruss dich,” a greeting, not
    “gustig,” which isn’t a word. Since he said it after “I love you,” I think
    he was just saying random things he knew in German.

  7. I don’t think he would go on the US version, because 1. He didn’t ever go
    on the ones taped in the US even when he was actually doing the program 2.
    I might be wrong but wasn’t he sacked from th UK one, so they might be
    hesitant to have him on there 3. I don’t think it’s his thing anymore.

  8. Yeh, u really can feel see that he’s starting to loose it here, the poor
    guy. He’s just so lovely tho! ♥

  9. If Ryan and Colin do look scared, it’s probably because they’re next to a
    very on-edge Tony only minutes after he screamed at Clive to F**K OFF in
    that infamous game of Party Quirks.

  10. I miss the UK version. The American version was so annoyingly censored. The
    technical term for a part of the male anatomy was even bleeped. It’s good
    to be Canadian sometimes. I’m sure kids would be scarred for life because
    they listened to that word.

  11. My boss is the toughest man I’ve known in my life. He has five little
    children and a very lovely wife. This morning his vasecomy started after
    seven. And he came JOGGING into work at quarter to eleven.

  12. @CorrectTV Some of it does– “Ich liebe dich” = I love you; “das mädchen” =
    young lady; “und” = and. The rest isn’t German though. For example, “den
    trampolinen” does NOT mean trampoline. In German, “das Trampolin” =

  13. Colin is so much funnier than everybody else… The million ways in which
    he tries to avoid singing games are hilarious…

  14. This is also from the same show where he tells Clive to f**k off – poor
    Tony – his nervous breakdown obviously wasn’t far off here.

  15. (colin) i fight fires in germany they really are the worst i will now to
    german in my nxt verse ick libre gushnik mansion el explodin auk at day
    jumpin jumpin ulder trampolin looooooool

  16. I loved my boyfriend, until he said to me: Honey I went and got a
    vasectomy. I was really sad, I really cannot see, why he’d want to get one
    when he’s only twenty-three.

  17. @Yankee0812 thanks for trying to teach me my mother tongue. I just wrote
    down what he said, not what it means or if it’s right or wrong. Btw, “girl”
    is the accurate translation for “Mädchen”. “young lady” would be “junge
    Frau/Dame”. Thanks again for answering questions that were never asked

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