Whose Line: Newsflash

Here’s an early season 1 playing of Newsflash with Brad, Ryan and Colin playing the game. Enjoy! *Questions* 1. Would you agree that Newsflash isn’t Brad’s Best game? 2. Should Wayne have…

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  1. 1. I think everyone would agree on that one. Seriously, he should stick to
    “If You Know What I Mean”. Of course, now that the series is cancelled,
    that doesn’t matter, but… 2. Once or twice, yeah. He could probably come
    up with something.

  2. 1. yeah, i think brad’s best game is probably ”if you know what i mean”
    2. no i dont think so even though i love him XD

  3. @Randomblekblekbird that sounds cool, but then again it remeinds me of an
    episode in the UK version where they had abotu 10 players at once

  4. 1. It’s not his best game (If You Know What I Mean is his specialty), but I
    still think he does a good job at it. 2. No, not really. Wayne does best in
    music type games.

  5. 1. yea but Greg, Chip and Jeff could play it well 2. nah he was more suited
    to the exuberant games, and this wasn’t really his style I believe

  6. Haha, at 1:36 I thought he was talking about Whose Line Is It Anyway (which
    used to air on Thursday nights).

  7. Why does Colin always get the guessing part of guessing games? I mean, News
    Flash, Press Conference. If there’s only one thing to be guessed, Colin is
    the guesser.

  8. 1. Brad’s best game is “If you know what I mean.” 2. No. Wayne could’ve
    been one of the anchors, but I don’t think he could come up with the comedy
    gold like Colin.

  9. i wish i had collin as a father or something. or an uncle. or like a
    godfather. i love him. you dont understand.

  10. @Rhynerd i hated the UK version, what I meant was they would have jeff greg
    chip and brad all on at the same time

  11. Are u f..ing kidding me. Colin said Malaques in 1:27 and the monkey’s real
    name is Macaques. He came really close.

  12. What do you mean? like when they put the 1. and 2. in there comments?
    because if that’s what you mean, THEN READ THE FUCKIN DESCRIPTION!!!

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