Whose Line Extended Feature 5: Scenes From A Hat

Well if you’ve seen Scenes From a Hat 66 and Scenes From a Hat 67 on this channel, you’ll know that they had different scenes but came from the same taping though, but through the magic of…

50 comments on “Whose Line Extended Feature 5: Scenes From A Hat
  1. All that time with the Wisemen bit and I didn’t hear “Here’s gold,
    frankincense, and I brought Murry.” which Scenes from a Hat is that from?

  2. “Man I should have read my contract” “I sure read my contract” *puts on
    glasses* “Drew Carey’s my daddy XD Ok, how much air did I lose dying of
    laughter in those 20 seconds??

  3. @KosmoAntoninus But these guys are geniuses…granted they’re
    professionals, but the speed with which they come up with these is amazing.
    It’s something to aspire to. Thanks for the positive feedback!

  4. Officially all the words Kathy says in the video: Outtakes from the whose
    line soap opera; Wayne, Rejected gift ideas the wise men considered; It’s a
    chia pet, rock on Total: 7

  5. @12Medbe She also said “Wayne” in “Out-takes from the Whose Line soap opera

  6. When he said, Things that are hard to say with a straight face. I was
    hoping/expecting some drew carry jokes.

  7. Is it just me or does Wayne’s “Drew Carey’s my daddy” scene reminds me of
    the hipster meme?

  8. Man Colin’s hilarious. Clean up on aisle 5, man i should of read my
    contract and waterskis. That cracks me up

  9. @slaughtz OH, I went with an entirely different understanding of that joke
    - I thought that since they’re in the middle of a desert…

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  11. @12Medbe Hey, Have you heard about the new “show” they made together? I saw
    an episode of it, it was recorded this year. I don’t know the name to be
    honest I saw it by accident. Any idea what it’s or maybe you have some
    videos? thanks :D

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