Whose Line: Christmas Hoedown

Here’s a Classic Hoedown, Especially Drew and Ryan’s.

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  1. It’s too bad it seems based on all evidence it seems Ryan said “porking”
    when he should’ve used “fucking” since that’s what we’re all thinking he

  2. i had to come here to find out what Ryan said that got censored. The
    answer sure beats what i thought it was: really is a holiday, a time to
    pause, every Christmas eve you’ll find me playing with my balls.

  3. @bradeck1 They’re bringing it back on the 27th in the midnight slot on
    ABCFamily! Pass it on!

  4. every year i see, decorated trees it feels like christmass, yes that how it
    feels i love christmass, boy i really do but it’s a shame, cause i really
    am a jew

  5. Christmas is by far the worst time of the year when I see joly people all I
    do is sneer oh and by the way santas dead in my freezer in case you hadnt
    guessed my name is ebeneezer

  6. @TheJneal19 Not necessarily, because there are several hoedowns he redoes
    his entire hoedown based on something Colin may say (like the magician
    one). He is still awesome though.

  7. when i was a kid i couldn’t wait for santa claus that is until my belief
    came to a pause he came down the chimney, his sack weighing a ton i found
    out that year that he’s a tall thin skeleton

  8. I’m giving my wife the best gift there ever was. Better than anything you
    can get from Santa Claus! I’m giving her the perfect gift, because she’s a
    fox, This year I’m giving my wife, my dick in a box.

  9. I love Christmas, it’s my favorite time of year. This rhyme is cliche but
    it fills me up with cheer! I want to make the season last and that is no
    lie, so I put my lights up in August and take ‘em down in July!

  10. Every Christmas Eve, I Leave milk and cookies Then I go to settle my debt,
    with my local bookies I opened my front door, and made a sudden pause Only
    to see my beer being drunk, by Santa “Fuckin” Claus

  11. I told my parents i wanted a pet or toy, when i saw all the presents, my
    heart filled up with joy, yet it seemed my parents made one huge mistake,
    they compromised and got me a rattlesnake

  12. it was christmas morning and i was oh so excited i wanderd down the stairs
    hoping to be delighted there was no presents just my roomate name devon he
    told me i should grow up cause im turning 27

  13. I loathe Christmas, it’s the worst time of the year. When December rolls
    around my heart fills up with fear. I’m always working so hard, it’s bad
    for my health, It’s the worst job in the world, being one of Santa’s elves.

  14. Today is christmas and I gave no presents, this cant be real So I went up
    north, and asked Santa “What is the deal: Santa said that “I was being a
    poser” So I ran over his factory with a bulldozer

  15. This year Santa really came out of his shell He confessed something that I
    never thought he’d tell It’s not what your thinking, Santa is no homo But
    he revealed his birth name was actually Shlomo (sorry I could not think of
    something else that rhymed with Shlomo)

  16. i celebrate each christmas with a little kaluha i’ll make a muslide on the
    rocks to help kick the season off i’ll get drinking everyday making parties
    seem that much better but i’ll always know when new years has come when
    i’ve gone and puked on all my sweaters

  17. @india14100 First, are you Jewish? I am and i find that hilarious. Its
    kinda true, we have nothing to relate to for xmas, not all of us go to a
    deli but what else can one use but stereotypes?

  18. Everytime its Christmas,i feel really sad My GF dumped me on Christmas,cos
    in bed i was bad So i asked Santa for a BIGGER Better Penis Instead he made
    my Balls as big as planet Venus :(

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