Whitest Kids U Know: Hunting Accident

Whitest Kids U Know Hunting Accident Sketch www.whitestkids.com.

50 comments on “Whitest Kids U Know: Hunting Accident
  1. Jerry Bronham is sooo fucked up in this. Love it. Only show that made me
    and my friends adopt catch phrases they said growing up. xD

  2. He’s impersonating a hunter who had a show on a sportsman channel. I just
    can’t remember his name. Does anybody know?

  3. I love how WKUK’s sketches don’t always just try to be obscene for the sake
    of being edgy or something stupid.. they often carry some sort of insight
    or purpose and in this case it somehow simultaneously makes you feel for
    the victim and laugh at the same time. Genius. 

  4. Since city boys are stupid as shit when it comes to hunting I can see this
    happening to 98% of the shit heads from my old high school.

  5. Calling all of us idiots? With all of those spelling and punctuation
    errors? I think you have the situation reversed.

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