Titan telecom – Engineering and teleportation department lol

Cold call re: telecoms… Spock contacts us and teleports us.. but can they teleport us to the planets surface, and at what cost? Enjoy the lols.

7 comments on “Titan telecom – Engineering and teleportation department lol
  1. The company was formed in 2007, so as of 2014, it’s been going for 5 years??

    Basic mathematics, (or coherent English for that), not his strong point,

    ‘Hold the line..’ ‘No, I’m holding the telephone. The line is up on the
    roof.’ LOL

    7 working days in teleportation?? Can you go for a wee whilst there??

    Should have asked if Mr. Scott was there. He’d know all about
    teletransportation, although it would put undue strain on his, ‘wee bains’,
    no doubt.

  2. Oh yes, we call many different countries in many different time zones. Some
    as much as six months behind.

  3. Good (Ish) use of “why am I on fire” :) although “did you set me on fire”
    isn’t quite as awesome. Nice video =D 

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