Tim Hawkins on Multitasking

Tim has been married for 19 years, and he readily admits that his wife is the better multi-tasker. But he has learned to keep Jiffy Lube off of her To Do lis…

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  1. So true! Went to NTP for an oil change with a coupon. Ended up paying twice
    the amount with them saying I needed a thousand dollars worth of work.

  2. I have watched this video about a hundred times and it still makes me crack

    Oh and what’s blinker fluid??

  3. This Multitasking app will be the future ..better get used to it
    ..Multitasking is not going anywhere…just Google “GIGANETTV”…this app
    will be in all schools hospitals well military uses and infinitude…..

  4. Bahahaha “do you ever check the blinker fluid? Do you just want me to die?
    Is that your plan!?” Hahaha

  5. The Jiffy Lube thing made met almost wet myself. That is SO me. That’s why
    hubby pubby handles the cars.

  6. “The guy said we were completely out of blinker fluid. I’ve been driving
    around with no blinker fluid. You want me to die, is that your plan?”

  7. Yep, you gotta check that blinker fluid! Don’t want to run out! If my
    future wife/girlfriend ever says that, I would be gone.

  8. You know, I think it’s the TYPE of multitasking. For ex., my husband & I
    play RTS’s. He’ll have 12+ things going on and kick the computer’s butt,
    but I’m terrible at that. But when it comes to watching the kids (3), I can
    keep track of all of them, what they’re doing, stop them B4 they get into
    trouble, etc., but when he watches them, they get into everything & make a

  9. Common misconception. Lots of men can multitask just as well as women can.
    Only some have multitasking problems, just as only some women have
    multitasking problems. Radical feminists are always coming up with reasons
    why they think that women are BETTER than men, not just equal. They are
    probably the origin of this misperception. Which is not to say that I hate
    all feminists or anything.

  10. I guess I need to change the fluid to tire fluid. I don’t want to blow up
    like a… uuuuhhh, regular explosion. Usually has. As the crow flies. :D

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