“The Faucet’s On Fire!” by Roy Zimmerman

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38 comments on ““The Faucet’s On Fire!” by Roy Zimmerman
  1. Sorry kids, the responsible adults are irresponsible. Does Earth have an
    expiration date stamp yet ? And you do understand there are no other
    habitable planets.

  2. @Brett Bayne – Me and Wal-Mart parted ways. I thought I should have heath
    care and a living wage and they thought I should work somewhere else.

  3. The podcast ‘Skeptoid” is a good resource for getting a skeptical review of
    many topics. It’s not just audio either, the website also has the episode
    in text form, and lists the sources at the end. In this case, you could
    just Google “Gasland Skeptoid” to find episode 275, which gives more info
    about the movie, why some faucets leak methane, and fracking in general.

  4. Hooray for a new song! It’s too bad we can’t hear the guitar very well in
    this video. I hope a recording with better sound balance is in the works.
    Great job, though. Brilliant lyrics and rhymes, as usual.

  5. Logic doesn’t matter to the pro-fracker side. Rationalization and profit
    margins do. Lies and propaganda do. Same with anything industrial that is
    destroying the environment.

  6. hey Roy when are you gonna sing about Obama and the NSA and his support of
    fracking and guantanamo and the ndaa and everything else

  7. I said no such thing, but my post is the only one you could be referring to
    since no one else even expressed caution against getting caught up in
    conspiracy hype. That crap is more virulent than many religions these days.

  8. It’s worse because real conspiracies are common. A conspiracy is simply two
    or more persons creating a plan in private. As to fracking, the conspiracy
    is simply that people in the industry love nothing but money, and they’ll
    do anything they can to make more money. They don’t care who gets hurt, so
    long as it’s not them. These folks don’t lose sleep if their activities
    give your children cancer and they die. And this attitude makes them highly
    profitable and competitive in the industry.

  9. It can be really hard to separate documentaries from conspiracy conjecture
    these days, so whenever you look one up, also look up some skeptical
    reviews of it. There are huge problems in our resource & environmental
    policy, but sometimes conspiracy claims end up distracting us from real
    problems that could be solved, like ending the legalized political bribery
    such as the “corporations are people” crap.

  10. Right, there have been natural cases. But they are rare. And when a whole
    neighborhood starts seeing methane and benzene coming out the faucet after
    fracking starts, there’s only one logical explanation.

  11. I see that the folks who work to destroy American lives for minimum wage,
    are already flocking here to spread misinformation, about how safe it is to
    drink petroleum distillates.

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