Terrorizing IRS Scammers 6 – smallfaucet

This number was submitted to me by YouTube user smallfaucet. I tried a little Howard Stern-style parenting on them. Enjoy. Please keep in mind, I’m not pranking legitimate debt collectors…

4 comments on “Terrorizing IRS Scammers 6 – smallfaucet
  1. Hey dude, try this number. Same scam, except they were from the “United
    States Federal Treasury” 760 782. 6000. Did a little research via
    https://iservices.intelius.com and found it was registered to an Allen
    Vonderschmidt in Eastern Kansas. There were about 10 other numbers for this
    man, some disconnected, and all in Kansas. I am sure this is probably a
    bogus name, but hopefully this helps. Who knows, maybe you can freak him
    out by using his name.

    Sorry, but you need an account to see that info, which in all honesty is
    probably bad. Who knows though, maybe you will see a diamond in the rough
    if you sign up. 

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