Tea with T Small Biz startup tips

Hey guys!! I’m finally back with another Tea with T… check out a few of my must-dos when thinking about starting a small business. Please excuse my nerves in this video as I have not gotten…

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  1. I’m baaacckkk!!! Check out my newest Tea with T on small business startup
    tips!!! Let me know what you think…

  2. Thank you!!! and I’m still learning but I will try to bring you all the
    right info!!!

  3. That’ll be my next one because I can’t talk about business plan without
    structure first :)) next week boo!!!

  4. I love that place! Next time, if are into seafood, try their scallop dish!
    Their cheeses and fruits are amazing!

  5. This was so informative!! There was so much I didn’t do when I started my
    biz and it’s great to hear why these things are important! You better keep
    these vids coming ;-)

  6. Please do a video on the technical difference between a sole propritor,
    llc, inc, and corp. Also, like the benefits of each. I just keep getting
    confused. I know I’m new to your channel, but this info is great. You will
    be in the front of many. I am happy I found you now though. Ok, let me
    finish watching.

  7. You provided lots of great, very useful information! I’ll be looking
    forward to your next video.

  8. I definitely am into seafood and will definitely take heed to your advice :) thanks for watching!!

  9. Thank you, I make jewelry and would love to make a living with it. Your
    energy and knowledge is inspiring.

  10. This was such great info. You are going to be such a blessing to so many
    people. Ummmm, I see seminars in your future;-)

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