Taxes by Tim Slagle

Here is how to start your kids understanding the tax burden at a very early age. It is Tim’s classic Halloween Tax bit, a version that was edited specifically for the Turbo Tax /Tax Laugh contest.

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  1. *Taxes by Tim Slagle*

    Time for your yearly tax lesson. I’ve shared this for the last couple of
    years. It’s still just as funny/sad…

    #Taxes #HalloweenCandy #Halloween 

  2. Taxation is theft! — Vote out the Dems (socialists) and Repubs
    (fascists)! Support liberty! Vote LP.

  3. @pbstl747 Well now aren’t you pleasant? Almost as hateful as this Slagle
    guy! But to show you what a good Christian Liberal pacifist I am, I’ll
    actually take a minute to respond and tell you, no I’m not unemployed,
    never have been. I’ve been gainfully employed since I was 15. I’ve worked
    hard, had all the advantages of a good upbringing and school but every year
    the dream of financial success seems more elusive. That said, I’m still
    happy to share with those less fortunate.

  4. Vote Conservative. I have lost all respect for the term Republican now, and
    I never had any respect for the term Democrat in the first place. Santorum
    is the most conservative candidate running right now, but he just isn’t
    popular. Also, how is it that any amount more than 1% of the people in
    America can be liberal? Why are people stupid enough to be brainwashed
    during school into believing that those are the smart people? I just did my
    own homework, and found that liberalism is a bad idea.

  5. Tim, I think yours was the best. Funny, Clever and professional. Not sure
    what the judges were looking for. Keep pressing on.

  6. You did mention brand names, and you had one of the funniest sets, but they
    were really looking for jokes about Turbo Tax, and you used a set that
    you’ve been doing for years (it’s even been on TV), and there’s no mention
    of Turbo Tax. So I think you got thrown out of the finalists just for that.
    (We had no chance, but we were doing it for the cameras.) Good job! – TAE

  7. Tim, Great bit for Halloween. Heard you on Sirius and glad I found your
    clip to replay. Come to Jacksonville.

  8. Taxes are not theft, they are robbery. Theft you can stop with security.
    You can’t stop taxes, the gov will come with a SWAT team. And if they get
    less taxes because we are on the right side of the Laffer curve, they don’t
    care. It’s not just the money, it is control. The gov owns you like a slave.

  9. The original income tax… was a very small amount. However, like the
    boiling frog story…the percentages were increased as well as new taxes
    created. Eventually, because government can not stop growing….people will
    QUIT working, because once you get to the point where they are taking
    almost all your income….there will be no reason to work. Those in power
    constantly dream of new ways to justify taking your money. Then they give
    it to their rich friends. Taxation is theft.

  10. @dbetlock If your a pacifist. Please don’t vote to have men with guns come
    to my house if I don’t choose to give money to your corrupt government.
    Thanks. If it helps I promise I won’t ask men with guns to force you to do

  11. @kubaniski Facists are socialists? I always considered them opposites, well
    at least to an extent.

  12. i was literally about to put a snickers bar in my mouth when he said “heres
    a snickers bar” lmao what is this sorcery!?

  13. Yeah good point, Im a libertarian so I guess Id be closest to that
    philosophy than any of the others. What about you man

  14. @pbstl747 i also think he’s incredibly horrible at comedy and i’m in the
    army but nice sweeping generalizations

  15. @chaoscontrot they are both statist philosophies, they believe in a
    powerful central state which coordinates resources for the people. The
    difference is that fascists use government power to tell companies what to
    do while Socialists take over companies and run them directly. The dems are
    socialists but the old repubs are corporatist, there’s a few of the new
    repubs who seem to actually be free marketers, but it’s too early to tell.

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