10 comments on “Slackers – Article from 1933 US
  1. I would give anything to see the notes from when they interviewed these
    people. I’m sure there were some very colorful stories being told about
    where their gold was. I believe I read somewhere that with all of the fuss
    made over confiscation, few if any people were actually prosecuted. Someone
    confirm/refute that for me?

    What is scary though… how the spirit of the day at the time permitted an
    article like that to even be written. You know people in this country were
    in hard times for the press to think that writing an article about seizing
    private property was palatable to the general public.

    I wonder what could bring us to the same point today? Hopefully we’ll never

  2. Slacker used to be a term given to men who did not sign up for WWII armed
    forces as well. My grandfather 48 years old and the father of 5 children
    at the time was called a slacker by a lady in his home town. My
    grandmother proceeded to hit her with her purse! Divisions in the minds of
    people whipped up by government propaganda is usually bad. Thanks for
    posting this! Good Luck and God Bless!

  3. Gives a whole new perspective on my name lol. Because I sure as shit won’t
    be giving up my silver if the government comes asking for it! I find it
    crazy how this happened in the US, but with our government doing crazy
    thing after crazy thing lately I would put nothing past them. 

  4. A shame that this happened. Im sure nobody checked out Mr. Cummings to see
    if he had gold stashed, and he probably had a suitcase full.

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