Screw Your Taxes! Screw the I.R.S.!

Not Valid in 49 of the 50 states! Screw Your Taxes Corporations Licensed tax screwing professionals will guide you through the 3 Step Process to complete Tax…

7 comments on “Screw Your Taxes! Screw the I.R.S.!
  1. @RetSquid Aren’t you missing banjo practice? Go little one, go… and stop
    trying to aid ignorance to the American People by writing that my provable
    truth is a lie.

  2. Ron Paul=FREEDOM from the hitler thief NWO supremacists running the
    government and controlling the world basically.2008

  3. @Tealy855 I noticed you wrote ‘United States’ and not United States of
    America! Clever guy! There is NO USA today. It went bankrupt in 1913 (3rd
    time) and is now the USC – United States Corporation. A corporation does
    not have laws it has Codes of Practice. NO LAWS IN THE UNITED STATES! How’s
    that for a scary truth? Strange but true!

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