S2E2 – MB | Death and Taxes | [CC] | [HD] [3D]

S2E2 – ‘Monkey Business’ – Afternoon Coffee || Show notes: Behind-the-scenes special with Jack and Marcel – plus a cameo appearance by Grimsy (MB S1E23). Oh,…

3 comments on “S2E2 – MB | Death and Taxes | [CC] | [HD] [3D]
  1. @RichsWorldBeerTour re: ‘Marcel needs´╗┐ a good beer to help with the taxes!’
    - He’d find some great picks at your channel, always something interesting
    going on. re: ‘Another great episode! This one made me laugh out loud!’ –
    Thank you! What a nice compliment to receive on the show; happy to hear the
    episode cracked you up. Funny things just seem to make the daily grind a
    little better. So, appreciate knowing that this or that in the epi made you
    laugh out loud, how cool! re: Cheers! – Cheers!

  2. @LostinSweden68 re: ‘The only thing worse´╗┐ than tax season is curling
    season.’ – In Sweden it could be a four-season event. ‘Hey, look out that
    window, is it snowing out there?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘For how long? ‘For…ever.’
    Curling season! Imagine being a commentator on a curling broadcast: ‘And
    it’s sliding…sliding…still sliding, and oh! It’s stopped. This one’s
    going to be hard to beat.’ Apparently huge in Canada. Well, if there’s snow
    and ice out there most of the time, makes perfect sense.

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