30 comments on “roni deutch
  1. ya i agree with jack , this video made me want to snort coke and punt an
    infant, i mean seriously, that was just awful

  2. I hope you realize that was awful and you made yourselves look like a bunch
    of idiots (which you are, of course, but still).

  3. personally i dont think it is that bad. it was made to look fake with bad
    acting morons. who falls and smiles at the same time fucktards.

  4. There’s just one problem… Roni Lynn Douche is an accountant, and you have
    a commercial for someone like William Mattar or those other two douches
    with the bald heads.

  5. on roni deutch’s commercials when she says her last name it makes me think
    she has tourettes she’s so annoying she can’y help us we have to help her

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