“BAD MOVIES DON”T DIE; THEY JUST GET RE-RELEASED!” See how blowback began in this premier episode of the “Rambo” parody, featuring a re-dubbed Sylvester Stal…

  1. Walter, Thanks for asking. The plan was to post the whole movie in 10
    minute increments, but as they say, “Best laid plans…” It may still be
    available in some Mom & Pop video stores if there are any of those left,
    particularly in NYC and Canada. Good luck and thank you for your interest.

  2. I got the movie uploaded. The copy is rough though. Old VHS and the sound
    quality is quiet but it is up there.

  3. For gods sake man put a torrent of this awesome movie that i saw when i was
    a teenager,,,,,Giuseppe 9000 is the man!!!!

  4. If anyone wants to see this movie, put comments on any of my vids and I’ll
    make it happen. i can’t put it up without demand.

  5. Sly’s plan: he’ll take a box full of dog doo-doo to the Russian
    ambassador’s porch and set it on fire. Unfortunately, Sly suffered brain
    damage when he listened to an Alvin and the Chipmunks album 39 times in a
    row, backwards, and now everywhere he goes in his groovy platform shoes, he
    steps in dog doo-doo himself, ruining his chance to make love to the rich
    hippie girl with long straight hair who makes porno jewelry….

  6. EASILY the best [comedy] movie of all time. …especially when combined
    with the likes of mushrooms and/or other mind altering substances.

  7. …Meanwhile, Richard Nixon has sent a robot disguised as a black
    revolutionary to infiltrate Sly’s hippie terrorist group, but Sly is too
    busy doing the Hokey Pokey with a topless blonde porker to notice.

  8. I saw this way back too. Found it in a video store in Vancouver BC. The
    cover had Sly with a stinky scratch and sniff on his armpit as he lay like
    a masculine hunk of man meat on a bed. Sweet Yams this movie rocked ass. I
    still have a recorded vhs copy along with Samurai Pizza Cats episodes. The
    tracking is a bit off. You remember Tracking? Fuck tracking.

  9. Saw this when first released 1990-91. From an earlier forgettable film Sly
    did named ‘Rebel’. The funniest thing is that the remake isn’t that much
    different from the original. This has been secret comedy gold now for over
    a decade. It is certainly Stallones greatest work.

  10. i found a copy of this on vhs in a charity shop for 50p, i bought it cuz i
    pissed myself with laughter reading the description, 1 bit of it sez it
    contains explicit scenes of pacifism which may be unsuitable 2 fans of mass
    mindless violence XD

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