PT 2 The Three Stooges In Income Tax Sappy

In This Stooges Movie Called Income Tax Sappy It’s About Taking Advantage Of Every Loophole The Stooges Take A Lot Of Deduction On Their Tax Returns But The …

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  1. The best part in this episode is at the end. Moe, Shemp, and Larry are
    forced to back onto a burning stove and catch the seat of their pants on
    fire. As they are being handcuffed and whisked away, their asses are up in
    flames. I bet their butts were blistered and sore when they arrived at
    jail. Oh, my butt is on fire!!! 

  2. 3:11-3:16
    “Next we have the krumpazod. Ah, krumpanella. Hah hah hah”
    What does Moe say he’s putting in that salad? I think he’s just ad-libbing
    some gibberish, but it makes me laugh every freakin’ time I hear it.

  3. @angusyjr yup. a little research and maybe a class or to and you become a
    grammar natzi of that language lol. i just made a joke lol. grammar

  4. 4:33-4:45 So unbelievably awkward how the man doesn’t take his eyes off of
    Moe at a point when Moe desperately needs the man’s attention to be

  5. Usually Vernon Dent would have played the larger part of the IRS agent, but
    he does look ill at this point. He’s skinnier and his face has narrowed.
    Poor guy, but he will always be remembered for the laughs he’s given us!

  6. @angusyjr he was saying mein heir but still a funny part. i think its funny
    how larry was actually saying my sir…..helps to know german huh.

  7. my beard! MY BEARD!!! what have you done with my beautiful beard you idiots
    you!!!! larry: im sorry mont herring —imean mont heir i- there look what
    you’ve done you’ve ruiened a perfectly good $50 beard.

  8. i love the part where shemp is putting the mashed potatoes and gravy on his
    shirt, – how do you like that! *splat!* – now look here, what is wrong with
    you idiots!?

  9. @Rlotpir1972 Actually Vernon Den’t last episode with the stooges was Knutzy
    knights, a reworking of Squareheads of the round table.

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