Jon Stewart Blasts Corporations On Tax Evasion Tactics – 7-30-2014

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50 comments on “Jon Stewart Blasts Corporations On Tax Evasion Tactics – 7-30-2014
  1. These companies still pay taxes on all American generated profit, just not
    on profit generated outside of America. If the American government is
    handing them incentives to help support their overseas operations, then
    they should reconsider their strategy on handing out incentives. I would
    think the US government should be handing out incentives for domestic
    purposes or change the tax law. For example, if a company is to receive tax
    incentives in the US, then they must agree to pay taxes on 100% of their
    profits, domestic or foreign; otherwise they don’t receive any benefits. If
    most individual Americans could sign up to a bank online that prevented
    them from paying taxes on money they earn overseas then they would; oh
    wait, they already do that.

  2. The right to live and work and pay taxes where you choose is a human right
    just as essential as any other. As would be expected liberals are not
    comfortable with the idea of competition. This might harm governments
    ability to tax at will. We cannot have individuals deciding to move or
    take their companies to foreign countries where taxes are much more
    favorable. Why would they do this? Well, if in this case Ireland, is
    clean and safe and has all the amenities of a modern nation without the
    oppressive taxation, then its a easy thing to understand. Its called
    competition and liberals should get used to it because it is already
    happening all over the world. Countries like France and the UK and the US
    have seen high net worth individuals leaving for brighter shores and the
    higher they raise taxes the more often this will occur. Until they pull
    their heads out of their collective rears and reduce taxes, it will

  3. Jon Stewart is crying about this because our U.S. corp. tax rate hovers
    around 35 to 40% while everywhere else in the world it’s around 20 to 25%.
    His socialist wet-dream is a PIPE DREAM that nobody wants. So go weep in
    your closet you big nosed fool.

  4. I am Dutch and I can confirm this BS. Over the last fiscal year Apple made
    over 1.5 billion in profits and only had to pay less than 1% in taxes over
    it. Unfortunately Europe is not really the socialist paradise some
    left-minded Americans tend to believe. I wish it were but we’re slowly
    going over to the economic right America is already at. We may have had
    universal healthcare for a long time, that America after decades only
    managed to implant with Obama Care, but we’re going the other direction
    now. Last week the news reported that our insurance companies made record
    profits, but still the premiums for lower and middle class working people
    goes up and the benefits keep going down, healthcare is really starting to
    decline. But the insurance companies insist that they really need their
    massive profits they have in the bank, because “ebola”. Nothing like a
    little fear mongering to justify keeping billions of dollars for yourself
    and forcing people to pay more for less. And just like in the U.S. it
    seems, anyone who questions it or dares to suggest perhaps we close the
    tax-loopholes or force the insurance companies to spend some of their
    profits on actually covering peoples asses who need it, is labeled a
    left-wing conspiracy communist xD I guess we’re not so different after all.
    Because here too idiots lie in the streets infront of the Apple store to
    spend 800 dollars for the latest toy of a company that avoids paying taxes,
    and then have the fucking balls to complain about the economy.

  5. hey, in Canada, yes that supposed extremely socialist nation to our north,
    has lower corp tax, by 20%… so, corps can go there, & pay less without
    having an army of lawyers to milk their way through “loop holes” 

  6. The Republicans moan about immigrants taking jobs but ignore corporations
    moving jobs abroad. Moan about welfare but ignore the $$$ billions in tax

  7. Typical liberal.. Implies that companies that pay billions of dollars
    (each) in taxes don’t have to pay taxes… lol
    That’s a politician style lie right there. Use a vagary to elicit an
    emotional response before you speak so that you can get away with some
    major bullshit.
    The more important issue folks, is what the government is doing with our
    tax money. Regardless of who/what/where it comes from.

  8. democrats do not seem to understand the concept of private property.keep
    raising taxes all the corps will leave the u.s. there is nothing keeping
    them here.

  9. Why can’t they be taxed on the profit when it’s made before it’s sent
    overseas where it can’t be taxed? If I make a large lump sum of money and
    then send it away to someone, it’s still considered income and I still have
    to pay taxes on it.

  10. These corporations, and the Republicans who support their departure from
    America, are traitors and should be imprisoned. At a minimum they should
    be stripped of their US citizenship.

  11. Highest rate, but corporations don’t pay those rate. In fact we have lower
    rate than most civilized nations if you consider what corporations actually
    pay in taxes after all the deductions and loopholes.

  12. Reading the comments reveals the cognitive dissonance of conservatives who
    can not deal with the truth as expressed by Jon Stewart….
    and I am laughing at them!

  13. plus apparently raising taxes on the rich and allowing affordable medicine
    threw state run healthcare, is being communist.

  14. Capitalism was a good theory but, human greed and the lust for money never
    made it into the
    architecture, had it done so then, we would be Marxist’s today,
    perhaps…just a thought.

  15. Conservatism in a nutshell: “People who use government programs are
    parasites. Corporations who use government programs are the best things
    ever. Also, corporations are allowed to discriminate as much as they want
    because corporations are people.” Either they’re justifying corporate
    fuckery because they’re completely stupid or because they’re greedy cocks.
    Why does anyone support them again?

  16. Fox hypocracy aside, liberals need to acknowledge the problem with US tax
    system. IMO, no company has problem paying tax on US income (that would be
    same for all companies operating in US, regardless of nation of
    incorporation). Main problem is profit from overseas operations. US laws
    consider them as “income” and tax them (mostly at higher rates). So, US
    incorporated firm has disadvantage overseas compared to non-US incorporated

  17. So apparently Adam Smith was DEAD wrong when he thought about this problem
    200 years ago and said that businesses will always have a “home bias”. Me
    thinks he greatly underestimated capitalist greed! 

  18. As much as one may or may not like what these companies do, they are NOT
    engaging in “tax evasion” but “tax avoidance.” As the old joke goes, the
    difference is “jail time.”

    By using existing laws, they are LEGALLY avoiding taxes no different than
    someone investing in a 401k. Whether we should change those laws we can
    debate but please use the correct terminology and check your moral outrage
    at the door.

    Of course, Hollywood is the last entity that should be complaining about
    “corporate tax evasion” with their highly corrupt accounting system, you
    know the one that said that Forrest Gump, which grossed 675 million
    dollars, lost money and those didn’t have to pay its author a cent.

  19. It’s simple.

    Pass laws to stop them from doing this.

    If they want to quit and move over seas, let them. Somebody else will
    step up to fill the void they create. Period.

    The reason the problem isn’t being solved is because the corporations have
    bought the government.

  20. LMAO! And people STILL let corp. trick them into thinking people who get
    government assistance are the only thing to worry about. If all corp. paid
    their fair share of taxes, it would single handedly pay for most to all
    government assistance programs. But no people would rather pay more taxes
    so corp. that wont give you a dime can have their way.

  21. Its kinda ridiculous for white privilege to refer to richer white privilege
    as unfair to the point it will destroy the world. 

  22. So making it possible for People not to starve is a missuse of Taxes, but
    taking giant Amount of Tax Payer Dollars to screw over the People and the
    Goverment by paying to have special Rights with no Accountability or
    Responsibilaty and then trying to get out of paying Taxes by using a
    Technique considered Tax Evasion and criminal for most People is okay and
    not considered spoiled rotten Behaviour, interesting.

  23. I wish governments would realize that the bulk of jobs (at least in Canada)
    are created by localised small business and cut them some slack instead of
    pandering to the “to big to fail” multinationals. Small buisness support
    and contibute to their community’s and actually have stakes in their
    community’s well being. Multinationals really don’t have stakes in any
    community and will bugger off at a whim often leaving a mess of
    unemployment and sometimes toxic sludge behind. But then, small business
    doesn’t have the money to lobby effectively, or buy politicians… sorry…
    “contribute to the campaigns funds” of politicians

  24. so when does the revolution begin its not only in U S same here in
    Australia the apathy is defening!!! wake up its your money where
    does it all go ???

  25. This ‘bit’ gets it wrong right at the end when it lets corporations off the
    hook saying they’re toddlers. The CEOs must be thinking ‘oh no, he called
    us a toddler (while we sit here taking all their money and giving nothing
    back) mwah ha haaaa’!
    And ‘we’re’ not allowing them to do anything. The government is, and the
    government are not a part of us. They are a paid sector defending corporate
    The only way to stop all this revolting immorality is to get rid of the
    corrupt fuckers that run our countries.

  26. John you ignored one thing man. Despite all the tax credit you claim, it
    has to pay US taxes for income overseas. When you have shit like that, you
    bet people will advoid it as much as possible.

  27. Hardcore conservatives seem to miss the point entirely. Suppose you are a
    mayor of a small town of 1000. You collect all the revenue needed for
    public works like community centers, fire departments, police, road upkeep,
    the town clinic, etc. from taxes on income the townspeople generate. If you
    are a shop owner (corporation in this case), your income comes from the
    town spending money they earned from farming or being a teacher or
    whatever. THAT IS STILL INCOME. Income, I remind you, that is part of the
    tax revenue used to balance the town budget for 200+ years. If those shop
    owners still lived in your town, and still did business with your people,
    but paid another Mayor your rightful income taxes b/c of a bunch of laws
    saying it was ok to do so, what would you cut first? Police? Schools?
    Roads? You wouldn’t. But suddenly, you don’t have the money to pay for some
    of that, so you have to borrow from another mayor. Like the other mayor who
    is now collecting your income taxes. The other mayor also has a balanced
    budget that never included these taxes, so he doesn’t have to worry about
    paying for policies like social security.

    They (the other town) can AFFORD to tax lower, while seemingly offering the
    same benefits b/c they don’t have a giant country to pave with roads for
    you to use, or the world to protect you from, or you aren’t disabled, or a
    war vet looking for work, or suddenly without a job because a fire brought
    down your employers warehouses, or aging and have no safety net due to
    raising a family where the unexpected happened and your son got into a bad
    car accident, went into a coma, and you had to pay his medical bills for
    years while he received treatment, not knowing if he would ever pull

    ANYWAY… sorry, this metaphor stretched back into reality at some point.

    This is the point that needs to be analyzed: As one of those shop owners,
    you could physically move to the other mayors town and still run that shop.
    As the original towns mayor, you can’t incentivize competition against his
    store because no one can afford to operate the way the shop owner does
    since he has more money to work with now that he pays half the tax rate as
    before, and if you match the tax rate, the other mayor will just lower his
    taxes again since it costs him nothing to do so. If you keep undercutting
    the tax rates, eventually the shop owner only has to pay pennies on his

    The shop owner wins, unless maybe: A law is enacted stating that any shop
    owner with the majority of their income generated in this town will pay
    taxes regardless of the town the shop owner claims as his offices.

    Or something similar.

  28. The US fucks over there own Corporations with high taxes and they
    move?….So, who wouldn’t if the government isn’t corrupt.
    ? Don’t blame the corporations. Do you want the best meal for the best
    price when you go out for dinner? Do you pay more for it if you think it’s
    worth more? Of course you don’t! If your taxes were lower, these company’s
    wouldn’t go abroad. But the government make it so that they can do this
    legally and then receive donations in the millions from these corporations.
    You think the corporations are bad for getting the best dinner? Look to
    your greedy, incompetent and corrupt government officials!
    When the NSA wanted storage and access to various communication company’s
    chatter, shall we call it, they threatened one company who objected with
    not getting certain contracts coming up for renewal! Your government is
    virtually socialist, some might say fascist, because bailing out a shit
    company like GM with your money, nobody has a problem with this?? This is
    just an opinion based on some overlooked facts, because governments are
    elected, corporations aren’t!

  29. Simple solution: If your company becomes Irish then so do YOU! Six months
    is all the time you can spend in the good old USA then its off to Ireland
    or wherever. SIX MONTHS MOTHERFUCKERS!!!

  30. If these corporations are making their revenue in the USA, they should pay
    the correct amount of tax. Its not right that they make nearly all of their
    profits off US citizens, pay less tax than a US citizen and expect the
    government to give them tax credits with US citizen taxes.

  31. It’s way past time that we kick right wing anti-American ars and get the
    anti-Republicans out of our government. We can take America back from the
    corporations and get this country back on the road to greatness but not
    with the Republicans working against us at every turn with corporate money
    The Republicans are more of a threat to this country than “IS” which is
    over there while the Republicans are working against America from within
    our own government. How was this country before Reagan Vo Doo economics
    and how was this country after the Bush administration. The last two of
    the Republican tow term Republican administrations have both quadrupled the
    national debt, gotten us into two unfunded wars at the same time while
    reducing government revenues to pay for it. They have encouraged the so
    called, American corporations, that are actually international corporations
    to transfer the American industrial base to Communist China, to maximize
    their profits at America’s expense and can now invest, I mean contribute,
    almost unlimited amounts of money into our political system to take over
    the government for their own profits, by their generous contributions to
    the Republican party to do their bidding by means of kick backs in the form
    of political contributions and the well funded Republican propaganda
    machine, while that same machine blames the government, in which the
    republicans control by means of corporate money. It is impossible to be a
    patriotic and be a Republican. The republicans are more of a threat then
    “IS”, which is over there in the Mideast while the Republicans are in our
    midst and in our own government and using the government to work against us
    with lost of flag waving, gun waving and bible thumping to appeal to the
    right wingers, that seem to have no clue that they are just tools to be
    used by the anti-Americans in our own government. It’s way past time to
    get them out.

  32. Kish52 you are the douche bag. Yes every one is trying to dodge taxes.
    Corporations are able to take way more advantage of exploiting the legality
    of each law enacted then any one single person. That is the point he is

  33. We have the same problem in Europe: countries are fighting to get the lower
    rate that they can give to big corporations to attract them. And this is
    just stupid. We should have an international rate for those big
    multinational that make states bend and suck them. They have the money to
    pay and should spit this money to people in need or infrastructures for
    keeping our countries acceptable. 

  34. Couldn’t a tariff solve some of the problems?

    It’d definitely give an incentive to stay in the US, since a sales-tax
    (which is what a tariff amounts too) is always more costly than an income

  35. Greed is what it is… Anyone’s going to have the tendency to err on the
    side of profit.. Problem is, are you gonna err on the side of selling your
    mother? Thats what we’re doing.. I’ve been called a protectionist, I’m
    proud of that being that the USA is where I live… You got your Liberals
    and Conservatives but, somewhere a balance is supposed to lie in between…
    We’ve never really been able to reach that balance.. I would actually make
    it mandatory that, if you took your business overseas, you take your
    fucking family with you! That being said, I also understand the EPA being
    overreaching so, I DO see both sides of it but, with some of the profits
    being made this way, it is obvious that we import and export slavery every

    We cannot keep sending billions of dollars overseas to buy friends any
    longer.. It’s time we start thinking about ourselves.. 

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