IRS Tax Scam Exposed – Ownage Pranks

Subscribe to catch my future videos! I pranked a group of people in India who are currently running an IRS tax scam and tricked them intro revealing specific details…

50 comments on “IRS Tax Scam Exposed – Ownage Pranks
  1. So excited to finally have this up for you guys. Tax day is right around
    the corner (April 15th), please share this with all your friends and family
    that will be filing their taxes this year!! It’s extremely f’d up that
    these guys are scamming innocent people into sending them THOUSANDS of
    dollars. If this video gets 50,000 Likes i’m going to upload the extended
    25+ minute version of this prank (which includes even more insanity and
    hilarious moments). Thank you all for subscribing and leaving your feedback
    in the comments <3

  2. I just got an email from some guy in Nigeria who has me listed in a will
    and I should be inheriting $2,000,000. All they need is my banking
    information to send it to me. Is this for real?

  3. If ownage pranks was able to find this scam, shouldn’t the FBI be able to
    get rid of all the scams?

  4. As much as i enjoyed this one…it kind of damages the image of indians in
    general i think /:

  5. Hey Russell
    I know alot of these kind of people down here in India. I can get you their
    info. The things they say and scam people. Try to get in touch and maybe we
    can shut them down for good for real. Pls take this seriously

  6. 9:40 – Indian mam imitating a Caucasian man imitating an Indian. DEFINITELY
    the best ending ever. Extra footage please!!!

  7. So, if he openly admits to pulling in $15K a month for two years ($360K),
    we know the very least of what they’re on the hook for when they finally
    get caught. Thanks for bragging, scumbag.

  8. They were trying to act cool and not bothered…but were really shitting it
    thinking that their cover is blown lol …

  9. I like fucking with these indian scammers, I tell them to light themselves
    on fire and eat shit, yay!

  10. Damn these people are pure scum, I feel sorry for their victims. You tell
    em’ Russell!

  11. Hahhaha.. You translated every word correctly.. That means you gota indian
    friend.. Hahahah yeaaaahhhh..

  12. Russel, I really enjoy these kinds of pranks, screwing with the Indian
    people like this. Can you please post more of these, especially the ones
    where they say there is a virus on you computer, I love those. Thanks and
    enjoy your day! =D

  13. In India they released numerous ads on TV to spread awareness for the
    same…But ownage.. Saying your wife must be Harneet and shit wasn’t cool

  14. Woah! Wait… The first time i saw this video there were 301 views
    (including me) and 8K likes!?!?!? HOW!?!?!!?!?!?!

  15. “(Trying to think of an insult) …. Have a fucking day”
    - “I’ll have a fucking day, thank you”
    OMFG Hahahahahahhahhaha

  16. They sound like they are from Gujrat, from what they said in between in
    local language.Shit, I so wish Russel, I was there to help you with some on
    spot phrases to blow his mind. These scammers make a living of people’s
    hard earned money

    Please share us the number!!!

  17. When I answer the phone and I hear a African and a Indian accent I hang up
    lol don’t waste my time with scams

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