Subscribe to my videos!: Why has our country turned into a complete and absolute joke? Immigrants. Foreigners. This is satire, everybody calm down. If you like this…

50 comments on “IMMIGRANTS RUINED AMERICA!! – Crazy Cuban Guy
  1. Te amo cx Yo soy Cubana también cx I totally understand this. I feel like
    is a lot of White people (and Americans in general) can be like this cx I’m
    Cuban-Honduran American actually c:

  2. At first i thought you are not pleased with amounts of immagrants coming
    but…. Wow u always suprise me with jokes

  3. if citizen of america don like immigrants then why allow them to stay there
    illegally in the first place? -_- u should blame the “politics” since they
    have the power to end this, not the illegal immigrants… 

  4. This guy is an idiot….I’m a white guy and I can bang Latinas like I drink
    water. I bang Colombians, Cubans (easiest), Venezuelans and Argentinans.
    Yo hablo espanol tambien! Las Lindas pueden escribirme aqui>

  5. Actually this isn’t satire…watch the end….HE hates whites because he
    has a brown dirty penis and because whites are the chosen species to mate
    with. Blacks and Latinos score the lowest on IQ tests… IQs by
    countries and you will see why south America and Africa are cesspools of

  6. Yo anubys you know your an immigrant because the way you talk your english
    just shows u are and plus your cuban cubans are immigrants and so are u

  7. Every one i technacly an immagrent because their families came from where
    ever they came from

  8. I’m not white nor racist. This is satire. I’m an immigrant. Look up the
    meaning of satire.

  9. I wonder if people who disliked it are stupid enough to understand the
    video or racist who were expecting a serious video

  10. I just noticed that I bleeped out the first “fuck” when I say: “Am I the
    only one sick and tired of these fucking immigrants? and forgot to bleep
    out the part where I say: “Go fuck yourself man” xD sorry, editing mistake.

  11. I just love your vidoes Anubys! DON’T stop with the videos, u r doing
    great! and…. I love u for that, and also because your cute and all!
    LOL’s! *wink* anyway…. love u and Great Vidoes always in my heart <3

  12. Immigrants didnt ruin America you cant even speak english good immigrants
    disnt ruin America your crazy

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