Hispanic Actor PART 2 Prank (Ft. Tyrone) – Ownage Pranks

Check out part 1 if you haven’t seen it yet, or to refresh your memory on what happened! – http://youtu.be/1eXiJ73oF2I Like/fav if this makes you laugh! Ridiculous Tooth Cavity Prank – http://you…

49 comments on “Hispanic Actor PART 2 Prank (Ft. Tyrone) – Ownage Pranks
  1. Why did you tell him “how does it feel that I made you my bitch?” The guy
    was nice, he really didn’t deserve for you to be mean to him, I really
    didn’t like that. Was really not cool.

  2. Even huge fans need to be honest, right? Lol. I stopped listening when you
    had Juan balling like a little girl… aka lloraras in Spanish. I don’t
    like the depiction of Juan the Mexican being a sissy pants like the Chris
    character. Medica are all but wimpy and whiney… Especially when it comes
    to trabajando. I’d revamp his character if it were me.

  3. You were mean to Shitty, Russel… T.T

    That guy seemed so sweet – “No, no don’t cry that is the last thing I want”.

    Lol I just felt bad for him throughout the whole prank

  4. Shadi thought it was a prank (he was right!), which is why he laughed. Upon
    realizing, he doesn’t say FU and hang up, instead he takes so much time to
    make sure Juan feels better. Ownage I still think you’re almost human. 

  5. The little things (ex: angry immigrant fumble) really adds to the hilarity
    of Ownage’s videos.

  6. LOOOOOOL He thought he was saying “please” when he was saying “Si!”
    hahahahahaaaah he’s like “okay okay I got you, don’t say please I got you!”

  7. you owned him xD …yea all the people on the phone laughing ..not one
    other person or voice but his bitch ass saying sorry lol!

  8. I would say that the guy on the other line is a real man to say sorry and
    not wanting to hurt the “mexican voice”. 

  9. “How it feel i made you my lil bitch”-Tryone “Noooooo, i made you n him my
    bitch”-other guy but he got him saying sorry xD

  10. even though i knew this was a joke it broke my heart hearing his fake cry.

  11. He gon be sitting here all night comforting himself with a big bag Of
    tortilla chips. LOLOL

  12. Si si si si and and and more si si si si si si Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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