hi, i’m roni DEUTCH

have you ever noticed how much emphasis roni puts on her last name? well, we have, and we decided to put just a bit more so you can see what we’re talking ab…

38 comments on “hi, i’m roni DEUTCH
  1. @darnthem Really guy?? did you honestly have to take it to this level…
    your name is stupid ok DARNYOU not them they did nothing wrong. If ur
    referring to the black ppl in this video they did nothing to you this video
    is for pure entertainment and you just sucked the fun out of everything you
    FUN SUCKERR!! now i’ve said my piece so have a good day darnthem.

  2. ha ha i too also did the same thing when i first saw the commercial! I do
    it everytime i see it too! i was cracking up at this.

  3. Okay so I am not that only one who noticed it. Me and my friends did the
    same thing after we saw the commericial. It was so funny X D

  4. lmaoo my friend and i have been making fun of this commercial for years.
    i’m glad we’re not the only ones! so funny!

  5. first time i saw that commercial, atleast 3 years ago, i was doing that. i
    fucking lost it at the “hi im roni DEUTCH. my dad’s name is mr. DEUTCH.

  6. omg i just look up roni deutch. I was watching tv and saw roni deutch we
    all started saying it so much we started stuttering when we said it like

  7. i shit my pants the first time i saw that commercial and NO ONE ELSE in my
    family or my gf knows wtf im talking about everytime i bring it up.. =( i
    want them to see it lol

  8. lol, me and my sister would watch maury every day and that commerical would
    come on , and we would laugh the whole time, lmfao. that first girl was
    comedy as hell

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