Harvard Class Day June 4 2003 Will Ferrell SNL 352nd Commencement part 2 of 3

Because this is where my faith in you guys comes into play, Harvard University’s graduating Class of 2003, without a doubt, the finest, most talented group o…

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  1. “John Le” was Will Farrell’s old college room mate at USC. He is a
    reporter for WLOS in “Asheville, NC.”

  2. I like how Americans aren’t afraid of satiring or insulting their
    government. That’s a good thing, healthy distrust of authority. I like that
    about Americans

  3. @FlowAD i dont know why you’re saying that, like more than 99 percent of
    people they show in every crowd scene is laughing!!

  4. I just noticed (at 7 minutes in) that the Harvard flag, cropped as it is to
    the left of Will Ferrell’s head, makes it look like there’s a superhero in
    white tights, a yellow belt and a red unitard standing in the background.
    Now I see nothing BUT that…

  5. i love how the people that are enjoy this are the randoms in the crowd.
    This is Harvard, the top university in the world. The only people that are
    enjoying this are the randoms in the crowd. Most of the students aren’t
    even clapping at the end. I would be pissed if this happened at my graduate
    ceremony. These students really accomplished something. I think this is a

  6. That wasn’t Cheney’s turd. He crapped out what was left of his heart before
    getting the bionic one installed.

  7. How can some people in the crowd just sit there with a straight face like
    they are pissed off at this? If you can’t laugh at this you are pretty much
    screwed in life.

  8. Ali G’s speech is still the best, purely because the Yanks have no idea who
    he is, and he completley takes the piss

  9. liar laugh at the destruction tell the truth when was the last time you
    made 9ooo dollars a year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you fuckin liiar!!!!!!YOU ARE A

  10. but then harvard didn’t even vest barry husseain hobama baby blue marble
    groovy sasha vast sea of mahleah.. now that Gervais and Schrute have lured
    you in, er , trial by fire… does anyone remember Luke and Laura from
    General Hospital?

  11. some advice from the scranton branch… gland to emulate you out there at
    key largo /watch?v=PcYNUX0g4e8&feature=related

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