Hank Hill Busted For Drugs! Prank Call!

This Prank Call to H&R Block proves how helpful they are. They even try to find ways to cover up illegal activity just so I can get a bigger break on my Taxe…

39 comments on “Hank Hill Busted For Drugs! Prank Call!
  1. Hilarious! :P btw just a personal question where do you work @ because i
    saw a man that looks exactly like you but hey idk

  2. dude this was awesome!!!! you even nailed Hank’s dry giggle!!! freekin
    awesome! That’s as close as anyone can get, and I’m a fan of King of the
    Hill, so I’ve tried it before, you definitely did an awesome job! “Hank’s
    Happy Time, how bout that one?” lmao!! great job.

  3. if you had a deeper and more texan voice it would be better i can do it as
    well but dont seem to put it up on youtube anytime soon

  4. @taslinTV Thank you so much:) I always appreciate your positive feedback.
    It really means a lot to me. I may have to impersonate him sometime, haha

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