Golden Hags – Prank Calls

Starring: Stilwell Grandma, Drug & Alcohol Lady, Confused Old Lady, best online casino and Raged Old Lady Like, Share, and Subscribe and be sure to watch all the rest of our videos here:

10 comments on “Golden Hags – Prank Calls
  1. Raged Old Lady is awesome. She has the greatest line of all time”What are
    you, some punk, think I’m hot out for your big fat dick or what do you
    want?”D and A Lady’s”Aw, fuck myself, my asshole might feel pretty damned
    good. “is great, too.

  2. “Bring it on” has to be some of the best fighting words from any soundboard

  3. missing the lady that says “are you sittin in your chair” can’t remember
    her name xD

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