The Scariest and Funniest Bush Speech you will ever see. The Secrets come out. Let the Truth be known. Watch until the end, it only gets better. George Bush Speech Proving just why…

  1. This man disgusts me. He makes people believe that every single asian is a
    terrorist and that is why everyone hates us muslims and think were
    dangerous. Our religion Islam means ‘Peace’ not WAR!. We follow our
    god,choose the right path that will lead us to paradise. We have to put up
    with racism nearly every day! Muslims are dying each day! Everyone is equal
    no matter if your muslim,christian,jamaican whatever. We all came from God
    and were all the same! Colour doesnt matter.

  2. Uh, Archie, I was one of the original 13% that was opposed to the Iraq
    invasion and the Patriot Act so don’t cry the media has influenced me, I
    influenced them. Long before there was YouTube, two of my videos made the
    circuit on music/filesharing sites. Maybe just maybe, some guy saw my flick
    and decided to make a movie named ZeitGeist. Merry Christmas George BUSH!

  3. The people understand all right; you are a lying, torturing monster who has
    brought shame on America! You Mr Bush have done to America what no
    terrorist ever could; you have destroyed America’s reputation in the eyes
    of the world! You will go down in infamy as a monster! Demand impeachment
    hearings to begin; first step to War Crimes trial!

  4. Cracker, I just saw Charlie Wilson’s War movie last weekend. About secret
    U.S. arms backing of Afghan rebals during Russian invasion a few decades
    ago. What I found interesting, is the movie didn’t have One PEEP about Bin
    Ladin’s link back then, and being trained at CIA in Va. You know if this
    was an independant film, that important detail they curiousely left out
    would have been included. But look who runs Hollywood…. Just how many
    citizens know about this link to the Bush’s?

  5. Its true, Isreal will cease to exsist thanks to the Arabs, well, thanks to
    the Jewish Oil futures New York Greedy Stock Brokers. See, they help drive
    oil up, which hurts Airlines, which hurts Tourism, which Hurts Christians
    and Jews because since the airline has gone bankrupt, canceled flights, no
    more nick nacks will be bought in Jewish tourism gift shops, thus
    bankrupting the State of Isreal, and since they have no real export other
    than terror and Religion, the Iranian leader was right!

  6. what are you talking about? One day he’ll be considered a president of
    great resolve.

  7. Idiot it has only been two years. But I do agree with you that the
    Democrats are stupid. They could have at least looked into who made
    billions off of the war on error. See how many no bid contracts went to
    Bushit friends? Sweatin, I see you have a lot of free time on your hands.
    Are you one of those that is unemployed because of Bushits great economic

  8. sweatin, How about the U.S just stop sending WMDs to terrorist nations like
    Israel? Send them back to the days of using sling shots and hoping for a
    lucky strike. All this BS about Saddam killing his own people, thats
    exactly what Israel is doing now. pre Empt Attack time? No, Obama’s hiring
    too many Jews to pay back for his Floriduh vote.

  9. Wow that’s just embarrassing. You are either his mother or a severely
    retarded hick.

  10. Yeah, take it from CarlSon His keen eye, night vision, and dictionary can
    spot all the suspected terrorist spellers, but just one thing you missed, a
    Bogus War. How can somebody not see that coming? Look for your evidence in
    White House shredded documents bud.

  11. fuck u bush, one day u will be hanged by ur own people who voted

  12. Just how stupid are you? When it is all said and done. Bushit invaded the
    WRONG COUNTRY. Over 4200 of our greatest dead on at best miss information.

  13. Well at least you could pay rent Archeeiz, Me, My Credit Card number was
    stolen thanks to the Patriot Act assuring me protection from the Terrorists
    while scamming the publics info is not a concern to unkle Scam. Thats why
    Spyware is not outlawed, because Spyware companies work with the feds and
    states so they sniff each others butts. But unlike Guns, SpyWare has no
    seriel number, no easy ID, no forensics to find thieves. Just wait until
    S-W hits the feds where it hurts. Karma.

  14. IS NOT REAL? Is Ray Hell more like it. Just added some quality Bible land
    footage of the miricles caught on camera. see latest video.

  15. Next time I do a search, it will be New Search Engine called CUIL, as in
    COOL they don’t harvest IP addresses and Names and surfing habits like some
    other, uh hmm, search engines do. Give the fag data spies as little as you

  16. hiimrick, it was LSD the India terrorists were on. strange. They probobly
    would have stared at the cool hotel walls for an hour. Not to mention those
    indian rugs. Maybe they were on Mosnter Energy drinks too. after all, it
    makes the skaters full of rage.

  17. Thank God for George W. Bush. What a great president!! dont take no shit
    from nobody!!! Especially those terrorist muslims!! Spanked thousands of
    them and the world is a better place for every one of them he SMOKED!!!

  18. sweatin2daoldies, you mean one day Bush will be known as a president of
    great Disolve, as in the constitution. But Bush needed something easier and
    shorter to read, kinda like a childrens book.

  19. Only for nuclear bomb, American state sold there self Judgments to Jewesh
    hand & established illegal Jewesh regime in Arab State, more than 60 Years
    this world Most Terrorist country Seize all Palestine state & near more
    other Arab State, No one dear to talk about Humanity & perfect thing.

  20. It will take some brain cells dying and reprogramming, but in 4-12 years,
    you will have all forgotten about George Bush and run out and vote Jeb Bush
    as president. So THATS why theres lead in the water pipes. Keep the sheep

  21. AMEN! I wonder how many will admit he was a great president when the US is
    attacked and OBama will be saying “amnesty for foreign terrorists”.

  22. Quit blamin W. for all your problems!! Ive heard they blame him for Katrina
    for cryin out loud!! WTF??!! dont let the mainstream liberal media dictate
    your thought process.

  23. hiiamrick, how about the bombing of the indian hotel recently? the
    “Terrorists” were said to be on LSD. Now how many terrorists take acid
    before doing a hit, so to speak. How common is LSD in Pakistan? It is/was
    used by CIA for mind control though. Things just don’t add up unless you
    want an enemy to battle a neighbor. Both nuke powers.

  24. Time for a BUSH Book Burning if only it wouldn’t Make him some Royalties,
    that War Criminal. Hey Obama, When are the Treason Trials going to start
    for ALL of You?

  25. Jeb, Yeah but Bushes are Perrenials, and Winters a comin’. Read My
    Lips…… No More Bush’s. BTW. Aren’t Terrorists somebody who strikes
    silently without any warning of an attack orthreat of being retaliated
    against? Like a 50 mm cannon aimed by a FLIR from 10,000 feet up? Just what
    is your “Definition” of a Terrorist? I’d like to know.

  26. George Bush thinks all asians are dangerous terrorist. Us muslims only
    fight back to defend ourselves. We have no choice but to fight. If we didnt
    fight there would be no muslims left. And I still think George Bush words
    into peoples mouths about muslims and that is wrong. I respect
    DarkCassie2′s comment because it makes sense and she is defending us.
    George Bush is a disrespectful person and that is why I dislike him.

  27. archeez, Work hard because I need some welfare since Bush fcked my
    industry. Since you fags didn’t say shit when Haliburton was scamming
    contracts I think its only fair you pay for the libs that lost their jobs.

  28. 911sheeple, Agreed on your first point. Saddam WAS killing his own people.
    We may very well be fighting Israel for the same thing if it wasn’t for the
    deficit of finances and manpower. (One war at a time).

  29. America always think what ever they say & think that is 100% correct , my
    answer Hay ass hole Nation Just put your self for a while in the place of
    Palestinian & think what you are doing that is absolutely Wrong to
    Palestinian. You will have your answer. It’s not Iran President say it coz
    hi think Asshole nation USA is wrong, Allover the world, every Muslim Blood
    must not allow this horrible torched &

  30. So what did Mike do in 85? Learn how to use his left hand at night? Yes, I
    am like a WTC, I keep Smoldering and smoldering and keep haunting all the
    fcks who ever tried to piss out my flame.

  31. I did not mean me payin my rent I was reffering to the so called stimulas
    bill just forced on us. If your id was stolen it was from a much smarter
    person than me, and I hope you straighten that out.

  32. OK let me say it a little dif. Thank God for George W. Bush! history will
    show him as a man of convictions. I hope you prosper under obama. I really
    do cuz you sound like a person with drive and brains who creates jobs. What
    we just did was pay the rent with a 19 percent credit card nothing more.
    Ross perot is an asshole I live in Texas, Ron paul is pretty much righton
    for the most part. My safety is on till I decide when to take it off. Good
    luck to ya and I mean that.

  33. For some stupid reason, Bush calls Iraqis who pick up a gun “a Terrorist”
    for defending against invadors. Yet 200 years ago in America, we called
    people who picked up a gun to defend against the British “A Patriot”?
    George Washington was considered a Terrorist by the British when he blew up
    British army depot near Boston. Sounds like the same kind of stuff that
    goes on in Iraq. Just another double standard.

  34. Love it or leave it? I love it. You’re the one whining so why aren’t you
    packin. Oh I know, because your wanna be rock star Obama is going to fix
    your boo boo’s and make it all better. Grow up!

  35. Okaii im a white girl but I think George Bush is a jackass for killing all
    those asians out there. They’re are the ones that are suffering but he
    doesnt give a damn! I swear he should go through the pain those muslims are
    going through then he’ll know whats it like to have a member of your family
    getting blown up or shot every single second let alone every day!

  36. For all those who voted for Bushit’s reelection “suckers” I just wonder how
    many of you have lost your jobs and investments.

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