50 comments on “gag2
  1. LOL. I love it when Drew is hitting the buzzer and ‘cant hear’ the censor
    dude. xDD

  2. i have never seen the blooper at the front but i have seen the game lol
    they must of redone it

  3. what wrong with you? all I wanted was a quick simple answer…there was no
    need to be rude like that…anyway, why I would I lie about something I
    dont quite understand… do people do that alot? :s

  4. I know this may sound a stupid question, but what went wrong at 0:14… im
    not sure I get it, its probably really obvious but im not the sharpest tool
    in the box so….if someone could explain that would be great…^_^

  5. only 1 thing…i rly am a fan of wliia but i have one question is the show
    live?…cause one 1 gag i think i eard ” 4, 3, 2….” know what i mean?

  6. I love Wayne’s and Colin’s reactions when Ryan says the wrong letter for
    the sentence.

  7. Were Ryan, Colin, and Wayne really mad at Drew for hurting Greg’s feelings?
    ’cause I was!!

  8. Wat was the episode or the clip when Ryan threw water at the chair? Do you
    have it? If so, REPLY ME!!!!!

  9. the sensors ar annoying there like you can swear youll offend the kids i
    remmeber one time when i was 6 i said why dont they ever fucking swear on
    this show you can tell they want to. my dad looked at me for a second and

  10. i think he was just messing around being sarcastic. the censors came out
    because he said “fuck you drew” so they had to cut the scene and start

  11. I personally prefer it without so much cursing. It’s distracting from the
    actual improv and a bit tactless.

  12. that the hardest i’ve laughed at anything Drew has done,normally he just
    grosses me out in a good way ;-)

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