Exposed, Now Replace !!

April 5, 2014.. Liberty Love Fest IV in Rhode Island, Anthony Antonello spoke about how the main stream media is now been exposed and how it’s time to replac…

15 comments on “Exposed, Now Replace !!
  1. Thank you so much Anthony for the ATTEMPT.

    Problem is, we’re dealing with mostly “brain dead”.

    I have been STRUGGLING to wake up people for four decades.

    I admire your efforts and wish you MUCH more luck than I’ve had.

    We are dealing with a world inundated with doofuses.

  2. DO you think you can get that disrespectful audience to show some courtesy
    and be QUIET while you give your talk? WTF!!!!!

  3. Great work MR.Anthony keep spreading this most important message keep it up
    brother love you and your work

  4. I’m in RI..I wish I knew u were coming bro I would like to have shaken your
    hand. I would have also told the crowd to STFU and listen to what MATTERS!
    ANyway thanks for ALL that you do. From RI with love.

  5. Great Speech. Keep waking up the sheeple. Maybe we have a chance to survive
    this on-slot by the Banksters.

  6. GOD…I wish Ron Paul would have won the SELECTION, so that you all would
    shut the hell up with his name and quit wishing/hoping that someone else
    will save you! Ron Paul would have accomplished NOTHING against the other
    534 in D.C. just like he accomplished NOTHING as a Congressman from Texas
    — NOT to mention that he is a Scottish Right Free Mason to begin with!

  7. Wow i got chills, the awakening is for real especially world wide. They
    done fucked up with the internet and let us talk and think critically.
    Whats the price of freedom? Malcolm X: “The price of freedom is death”

  8. Very Disrespectful Audience. They Must Be Voting For Tyranny. I Hear You
    Loud And Clear Here In Washington State.

  9. Hey Anthony, I’ve been following you since the Chantilly Bilderberg
    protest. I heard you tell someone about your work when I was standing a few
    feet away on the Saturday of the protest. When I got home I looked you up
    and I’ve supported what you are doing since then. As a fellow activist
    without a public forum who tends to work behind the scenes, I thank you
    from the bottom of my heart for going public and putting yourself at risk.
    It’s people like yourself who empower people like me.

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