Dennis Miller tells about dinner with Frank Sinatra

In his special “The Big Speech,” Dennis Miller tells a great story about his dinner with Frank Sinatra.

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  1. Saw Dennis Miller at the tiny Chaplin’s Comedy Club in Detroit, back in ’88
    before he really took off career-wise. It was FANTASTIC. Just like
    Kinison was in Detroit the same year. Something special about a lot of
    comedians before they hit it big…

  2. Just finished watching the HBO Sinatra documentary & someone told me about
    this Miller recollection. GREAT Story! Have really fell out with Miller as
    use to be a fan..even sat in the HBO audience many times. Today he is just
    a Fox talking head. His last special on EPIX (?) was painful.

  3. Please do not censor or ‘bury’ these candid remarks: My kindest message for
    this desperately not-funny narcissistic , politically reactionary –
    sold-out, comedian is to index him as a sign of the decline of comedy. He
    depends on a focus on bodily functions, ethnic slur, and slurs
    on Alzheimer’s and most significantly a compulsion to ‘licking-up’ in
    order to appear as less than anemic . God help us if this is the future of
    comedy. Listen to George Carlin, The Marx Brothers, Larry David, Sid Caesar
    and Don Rickles. Please someone tell this guy that he is not funny.

  4. can someone please repeat that french term he used “De Neu Maw”? I’m not
    familiar with it….

  5. Sicilian Alzheimers? WDF, that is so old, and it used to be Irish

  6. Dennis Miller is to comedy what Dubya was to economic and foreign policy.
    Coincidence that Miller worships the ground Dubya slips and stumbles on? I
    think not – actually, Dubya wuz funnier, in a scores of thousands of
    innocent dead kind of way…

  7. Best, funniest stories are when there’s some truth in it. Young stand up
    guys should learn a thing or two about that. 

  8. Actually, the funniest thing about Dennis Miller is the fact that while he
    can bust other people’s balls to no end, if anyone rattles his cage even in
    the slightest all of a sudden he’s spitting mad and ready to go to the mat.
    Love it!

  9. Wow. Frank Sinatra was cut from a different breed. He seemed like a REAL
    icon: lovable man, true blue. Dennis Miller was funny with this story. I
    didn’t know he was such a funny guy!

  10. I think as little of Frank as I do of Miller, but at least Frankie could

  11. If memory serves, Frank switched parties and publicly supported Reagan for
    his presidency campaigns in the 80′s. 

  12. This country would be a hell of a lot better off, if we all had common
    sense views like Dennis has, and turns it into comedy! 

  13. Cusopo?! Bwahahahaha! I love this story (I first heard it in 2007), and
    you can tell how much it means to him and the personal connection, a loving
    tribute of sorts to his mother. :-)

  14. I am only here because the ASSHOLE Dennis Miller showed up on my Frank
    Sinatra search, which is kinda like searching for Newton and finding Erkel.

    I refuse to listen what this asshole has to say and want to SCREAM that
    there is no bigger asshole about than Miller.

    By the way, back when he was in the booth doing God knows what on Monday
    night football for a few years, I NEVER watched a single game when this
    flaming asshole was part of the show.

    This dumb SOB was on Saturday Night Live for how many years? He did the
    news, and other than that, had maybe 10 lines in 20 skits in 6 years. He
    is an idiot, a revolting asshole, and a wannabe something.

    My cum is above and beyond his lips.

  15. But he’s not beyond sucking off the total liberal Sinatra for the sympathy
    vote! For a great insight into Sinatra: check his monologue on disc 1 of
    the Vegas box set (Sands 1961), where he berates Nevada’s segregation
    policy. (You can search for it on Spotify if you don’t have it.) Talk about
    having your priorities straight. Though they would outwardly deny it,
    inwardly conservatives would have a fit. Just see how it’s still playing
    out in Arizona and elsewhere as the immigration dispute.

  16. Laughed my balls of at the end. Sinatra, gotta love the Chairman of the

  17. Not really,if you actually listen to his radio show he’s more
    self-depracating than Jimmy Carter during Black history month.

  18. I enjoyed this story so much — The fact that his Mom had this experience
    before she died of having dinner with Frank was just awesome!

  19. What I find most amusing is that you finish with your “conservative”
    comment, yet if you look at the comments to the video, it’s all liberal
    hate and name calling towards Dennis Miller, you being one of them. And you
    have the audacity to insinuate that conservatives are the hate group?!

  20. No, my friend. I didn’t like the snottymouthed punk even back when he was a
    liberal backing Clinton. He’s an asshole. (do your homework, you stupid

  21. you haven’t countered anything. the argument is valid. It’s called a
    history book. use one.

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