Debt Limit – What is the Federal Debt Limit? – Great skit about the Federal Debt and the Government wanting to increase the Federal Debt Limit – Conservative Channel 1 did …

11 comments on “Debt Limit – What is the Federal Debt Limit?
  1. A little more complicated……when both parties and their campaign
    lobbyist (that put them in office) depend on the ever growing Ponzi Scheme
    of printing more money to supply their schemes…tie it together with the
    Stock Market>>it’s one big Giant criminal enterprise.Social Spending in
    Government is not the problem….it’s all the overspending(grandfathered-in
    inflationary budgets) associated with Defense/Giving Big banks money the
    Federal Reserve does not really have in the 1ST place.

  2. Little know secret – several countries have already stopped buying our debt
    - I will post the link about the article when it’s published next week

  3. This is the Federal Reserves problem and theyre trying to push it on us!If
    we ever want to put an end to this problem we must destroy them

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