50 comments on “Corporate American Hoodrats pt 1
  1. The devil is brilliant in how he uses a fed-up black man to add more fuel
    to the fire. Brother you are not helping mankind but helping the enemy of
    God -the Devil. You have taken the bait!
    What this man is talking about is the spirit of Jezebel which is running
    rampant within black woman because of the sins of the father. The bible
    reads that in the last days this spirit will run rampant.
    Please lookup Jezebel and Ahab to see what I’m talking about.

  2. very well spoken and everything he said is absolute truth black women since
    slavery have been bred to love MASSA and will give un dying loyalty to
    those guys and if you black men dont see this shit you are a damn fool just
    watch them around the workplace and if you have to go to get service at say
    motor vehicle those same black bitches will snarl and try to get testy with
    anybody but a white male that is the only male these bitches are trained to
    respect period

  3. Not every black woman is like that…it is some tho..I agree…but its
    still some good black women who want and desire a great black man

  4. Thank you for posting that thug-loving, cum guzzling SLUTTY Bourgie Nappy
    Headed HO Sharon Reid as ur video avatar; I CAN’T STAND THAT SACK OF SHIT!

  5. I only date asian girls, I don’t care if black women date white guys or
    whatever race. if you don’t like black men date a white man!

  6. smh. @divinequeen26 and another are some ignorant women. This is why 70% of
    you imbeciles will never marry. I made sure not to raise my daughter to act
    like most black women, loud, single, violent and baby mamas

  7. you are not very bright. but alas, this is the problem. Oh, I didn’t know
    White, Asian and Indian women wore Negro women’s hair on their head as
    weaves !! I will look for them tomorrow when I go outside. smh

  8. LOL hahahahahahahah you would be surprised some females will fuck certain
    dudes for raises all kinds of shit and this isn’t just blacks whites
    asians, etc all do the same its crazyLOL

  9. With all the ass kissing n lap dog shit yall do we understand why you make
    it to corporate America. How them doggy biscuits taste?

  10. Look at who has the power & all of the means 2 create power moves.And!
    Controll a mass of people’s fate! Alotta Black Women play dumb but they wat
    the fuck doing.They being gay & doing all kinds of sick demonic shit
    now.Shit that only white folks did.I been seen wat was going on.They’ve
    lost their mind.And their so successful now but who holds their fate still?
    Huh? The white Jew.So they talk shit 2 us for sure.But I know what they
    won’t do lol!

  11. If no 1 here is a Black Man be quiet! If u haven’t walked in our shoes then
    shut the fuck up.Many Black Women ought to know better.We came from the
    same humble beginnings.Now all of a sudden Uncle Sam open doors 4 them &
    they act like their the only 1s working & or want something out of life! A
    Brotha who’s been working since a teen into his adult life is a Man who’s
    been consistent.The System is at fault not Black Men.Or any 1 else 4 that

  12. That’s exactly what I was just thinking, I want a real manly man, I don’t
    want a pink shirt wearing sensative sissy for a man, that’s what “they”
    have done to our men, made them complete sissys!

  13. White guy here appreciating what you’re saying. Not even sure color
    matters. Guys transforming into sissies is a color blind trend. I for one
    am sick of it. Real women like real guys. Too much TV watching has
    de-balled too many men. Thanks for your video.

  14. what a cowardly statement to make..i’m glad nat turner,dr king,malcolm x,
    and other real men didnt think the way you do while you benefit from what
    men done,scary ass got damn coon. so if you cant beat em then join em
    fucking slave nhigga ass twister.develop the community for what so your
    coon ass can keep paying taxes to racists ? the biggest whores are
    males,who you think made women whores & built the hoe house ? pathyetic ass
    nigga trash it is men that created this bitch now you blame women

  15. The Black community can do nothing about racists but they can do something
    about there own…that’s Black men,woman and there children…Whites ain’t
    changing for no one and i’m not looking for white peoples approval or will
    I waste my time attacking whites…why not develop the community and this
    begins with fixing the bullshyt in the Black community…Too much whoredom
    in the black community…lets check that…abortions,single parent teen
    moms,aids is ridiculous,poverty,unemployment

  16. yeah you mad & a dick rider. i know you ignorant fools well a gang of woman
    beaters that pick on women & kids but when racists step up you tuck your
    tail between your legs. that is the reason of why black communuity is in
    shambles cause of cowards like you who just wanna live comfortable with yo
    massa fucking coons. you aint seen nothing where i wrote defending ill
    behaviors but america was built on worse and yo ass quiet trying to live in
    peace with racists. you and david protect these kkk

  17. You mad..I know you fools well…You love too defend the Black woman in her
    Behavior instead of writing the wrongs…This is why the black community is
    in shambles because fools like you defend them..You are the ones that buy
    into there bullshyt and protect them instead of calling them out….

  18. fuck off FREAK..told you i took back the offer,aint gonna get nothing here
    bitch. maybe david will let you lick his balls you nasty retard. thats why
    you dont show your face,people know you a freak and will tell faggot. you
    said something to me..never said nothing to your bitch ass and the comments
    will verify that.you’re looking for man booty. ya’ll hate women so you’re
    lookin for eligible males. not gonna get dick here, FREAK !

  19. this comment is pure bullshit..funny she cant work for you cause you aint
    got a pot to piss in,but instead of making something of yourself or facing
    the racists you attack women..low class bitch ass men. what do black men
    who aint been nothing but slaves know about manhood..thats why ya’ll freaks
    attack women & blame your cowardice on women. you aint shit to be beside
    with,you’re no better than she is.without the racist white man you dont
    even have toilet paper to wipe your ass,FREAK !

  20. down low for me…i took back the offer. i see that offer got you excited
    FREAK ! never said nothing to you FREAK…you hide your face in the shadows
    then have the nerve to call somebody a troll cause you dont like people
    showing the ignorance of your hero…ya’ll problem bitch is you dont think
    so ride david’s dick.thats why talking about dick got you excited fucking
    FREAK !

  21. Suck your dick? Down low brother!!! SMH. This is what David is talking
    about. How can you call yourself a man and tell another man to suck your
    dick? Think about that for a minute before your trolling ass respond

  22. The truth hurts doesn’t it? Don’t act like what he is saying in this video
    is just for entertainment. Its a sad fact because I have seen this Lap dog
    black woman on every job I have worked on. I laugh when I see black women
    acting like this.

  23. You should eat pork. Eat it until your blood pressure goes up to the
    highest point in the Universe. Then maybe you want leave anymore dumb ass
    trolling comments.

  24. I’ve watched this 3 times. One time with my single father cousin & we
    absolutely found everything he said to be true. It’s not really a bad thing
    for these women to hold power, but they steadily help in the cause of
    destroying the black family. I once declined a job offer from a company
    (won’t say the lady’s name), but I was not going to take orders from a 21
    year old girl in the field I got my degree in. Not because I’m sexist, but
    cause I’m not gonna get kicked by women in the workplace.

  25. I think we should try to help blk men deal with the workplace experience.
    The three things we have to learn to deal with are manginas, sissy pimps,
    and blk women. It is harsh in these environments and can cause serious pain
    and health probs for blk men

  26. I give you an experience–I was in a corp meeting and when it was time to
    give my pres, the announcer said, it’s time to let this man speak. A blk
    female, and only other blk, made a smirking sound. Everyone else was quiet.
    I gave my pres and didn’t look at her. Afterwards, everybody said that was
    beautiful. Of course, she was quiet. Fortunately, I have 15 yrs of exp
    dealing with that crap and know how to handle. An example of what u can
    expect as a bllk men in corp america dealing with crap

  27. Black woman hate and despise The true Afro American manhood,she hates what
    it would mean for her and the Role she would has no desire too submit
    too..She would rather work for the white man and hate the black man and
    vacate her place beside the black man and blame him for everything wrong in
    black America….She has bit into the forbidden fruit on that tree and is
    not looking back…She is now as a White man in all respects cause she
    believes she has a seat at the table…she is a fool

  28. Jealous for what I want a women thats ambitious, I don’t want a woman to
    act like she’s in charge. Especially when she is submissive to the white

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