Conrad the Constitution S2 Ep8 – Obama Assassination

After a series of unfortunate events, Conrad and Baldy must assassinate Obama to save America. Become Conrad Constitution’s Friend on Facebook:…

50 comments on “Conrad the Constitution S2 Ep8 – Obama Assassination
  1. The following episode is graphic.
    Fox Bros. Studios does not
    condone the actions of these
    fictional characters.

  2. I’m 99% sure Obama will be assassinated and I think it’s coming soon and it
    will be over the amnesty bullshit. I’m going to love that day it’s gonna be
    like the day we shelled the fuck out of Hitler’s bunker we’re going to make
    the day he was killed a national holiday like independence day the day we
    took back our independence. Hillary Clinton is going to be scared so
    shitless she’s going to retire from politics all together and all the
    blacks who smart enough to know that have been held hostage on the
    democrat’s plantation will rejoice because they will be set free from the
    welfare bondage and will finally be able to live normal productive lives
    and all the ignorant blacks will be so butt hurt they will riot giving
    patriotic rednecks and cops a reason to kill them and remove the trouble
    making thugs once and for all. Lasting peace will finally come once Obama
    tastes a bullet of American justice.

  3. Great satire piece and right on point! Saw you guys on Alex Jones and was
    impressed by what you said and your knowledge of the Constitution and Bill
    of Rights. You both are a credit to our country and your generation. Well

  4. He tried to mug me but luckily I had my guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun…
    Jeez I had not laugh that hard in a while. Genius…

  5. the constitution is nothing more than a piece of paper, unless there are
    men willing to defend it

  6. Entertainment for the simple-minded and low IQ’d… In other words,
    Teabaggers. Pathetic.

  7. Socialism rules, my army is a bunch of freedom loving Americans, Veterans
    that will kick ur bitch punk Obama loving faggot ass. U copy? Roger that? U
    punk with no picture and fake name, ur nothing but a coward people like u
    are very few, u don’t matter at all, ur nothing, ur worthless and u will
    lose. I beat the fuck out of douchebags like u every day Lol, u fucking

  8. Its amazing how so many people in the comments can’t enjoy some dumb fun. I
    lost it at the Alex Jones bits haha

  9. everyone that even talks about this, much less watched it.. is clearly a


    keep your eyes open for the dildo drones.

  10. WONDERFUL video!
    U guys are 2 funny–even though some most of the issues u cover are no
    laughing matter : (
    WAKE UP America!


    Love these cartoons! I love how they make obozo speak, Uh uh waa uhh!

  12. love your video. I heard that you were visited by the secret service. I
    hope you told them to suck a big fat one. LOL truth be told this government
    does not like it when people tell the truth. they would rather take away
    your guns and traffic drugs to make there money. they are the true enemy.
    when this government goes against the peoples will then it is time for the
    people to stand up and fight for are freedoms back. Personally I am
    surprised that Obama has lasted as long as he has.

  13. This reminds me of the Assasination of Abraham Lincoln except that its
    “damn-u-crats” instead of republicans, get my joke.

  14. Repulsive video. Ron Paul has only been class and clear. This is dumb you
    down childish and those who made it neither understand Ron Paul or how to
    advance the liberty movement.

  15. This is idiotic. Stupid. Insane. Stupid. Moronic. Infantile. and Stupid.
    No wonder it is loved by the GOP and tea-baggers.

    Did I mention it was stupid?

  16. remember this all teaparty – loser trash traitors
    starve the beast “Starve the republic”

    conservatards open platform is high treason the destruction of government

    i wish obama was more like washington instead of a jeffersonian
    cause washington would have no problem using union troops against

  17. Fav line: I could never assassinate someone without due process…who would
    do a thing like that?

  18. I just can’t watch this without imagining Conrad with a rolled up joint
    LMAO. Good episode though!

  19. Liberals are the biggest hypocrites. There is a movie about Bush getting
    assassinated called Death of a President and there is no outrage or Secret
    Service calls. When a little cartoon on Youtube depicts the assassination
    of Obama, liberals call the Secret Service and they want it removed.

  20. Very funny episode.
    So moronic that the left-wing-nuts want to suppress satire that “they”
    don’t approve of. Well dummies – the world doesn’t revolve around you and
    Stephen Colbert! Wah wah!

  21. Have left a MESS AGE forwarded to PM David Cameron, BBC World News,
    Madonna, David & Victoria Beckham and many more so called celebrities on
    following FB account:

    King Conrad Williams Arc

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