Conrad the Constitution Episode 8 – 2nd American Revolution

SEASON 1 FINALE! Conrad and Ron Paul lead the second American Revolution. “Conrad the Constitution” Season 2 begins in October. Become Conrad Constitution’s Friend on Facebook: …

50 comments on “Conrad the Constitution Episode 8 – 2nd American Revolution
  1. Not that I don’t agree with the ideals presented here because I do but you
    do realize that the libertarian party was created and backed by the same
    powers and people behind the Republicans and democrats right? Ron Paul is
    just another fraud catering to the people who are fed up. Everytime you
    vote libertarian or another 3rd party you are being put in a data base of
    dissidents, every time you put a Ron Paul or infowars bumper sticker on
    your car the police run your plates and put you in the same data base. They
    know who you are because you took the bait. Don’t put your faith in the
    system or any politician. You and you alone are responsible for your
    freedom. Voting and politicians never solved a problem.

  2. “Holy sh** Ron, imagine all the Obama George Foreman Grills we would get
    for all of these…” 

  3. Oh shit… now I’ll be on the “person of interest” list for watching

  4. You Fox boys r brilliant Finaly the youth of the nation might wake up and
    realize the policies those Turds are slamming down are throats are gonna
    hurt the next Generation the worst so wake up Young uns and stand up for
    Your freedom the constitution is the most brilliant group of ideas that
    have kept our nation #1 for 250 yrs and every bit that’s erroded makes
    America Weaker and Weaker Poorer and Poorer and more like the old Soviet
    Union are debt is already at a unstainable limits and ill be Shocked if
    were not all Slaves to China before the end of the decade Ron paul won the
    last election but Obamas $$$$Backers bought it its a proven fact Ron paul
    would have made America great again I wish he would Run again

  5. This needs to be part of the Saturday morning cartoon line up.
    Play it early and mid morning then maybe the kids being raised right now
    won’t end up like their parents. I don’t think humankind can handle another
    heard programmed
    imbeciles like this last bunch. 

  6. The message in this video is as poor as its 4th grade level production

  7. as my father in law says after i take a shit “flush twice! its a long trip
    to washington!”

  8. The Best One Yet:
    “Conrad the Constitution Episode 8 – 2nd American Revolution”
    LMAOROTF – Can’t hardly even type ;-)

  9. it is hard to tell the same joke over and over, but can you believe… they
    do it…

  10. The guys giving up their guns and fighting for Obama’s new and improved
    George Foreman Grill—see, this is why we can’t have nice things. Like
    un-raped Constitutions.

  11. Let’s all go get my rape stool!!!! LOLOLOLOLOL! It’s funny but sad as hell
    at the same time….

  12. “Imagine how many Jorge Forman grills we can get with these ”


    Hahahah hilarious- Yo are they really giving the sheep Jorge Forman grills
    ? That’s fuckin hilarious- I feel like Im living in the twilight zone- much

  13. Niggers are turds. Since Obama’s a nigger, I bet the White House stinks
    pretty bad.

  14. And what if peaceful means don’t work. There’s much more at steak here than
    our rights. The world is on a path of destruction simply because of
    something that happen just over a decade ago.

  15. Would sure hate to try and get by without hospitalization. Hurray for
    Canada’s health care system.

  16. Mr Alfsan 5 have you even read a page of obamacare. If u did u would know
    that ur putting your healthcare into the hands of rich beurocrats that
    would kill their grandma for a nickel.

  17. You would say all of that if you drink at MSNBC’s toilet. Find a mind. You
    aren’t a pet of the Left or the Right. Think!

  18. Canada’s health care system is and always has been government run. It is a
    system that benefits everyone. When anyone here gets sick, they go to a
    doctor or emerg at a hospital, show their health care and are treated for
    their ailment. Beats the hell out of the mess that you have had in the U.S.
    where if you aren’t wealthy, then you do not get treated. C’mon Obamacare.

  19. I don’t mind paying taxes to give everyone hospitalization. What I do mind
    is that the wealthy don’t pay their share of taxes.

  20. On March 23, 1933, Adolph Hitler passed the enabling act which said that
    his government had the authority to pass laws without parliamentary
    control. History is repeating itself.

  21. “Are you crazy…he’s still going to rape me”….Yeah…but only twice a

  22. I’m not talking about “tactical gear”, fool. Whatever that even means.
    Talking about BEARCATs, APCs, etc. I’m referring the adoption of “pain
    rays” that emit radiant/sound waves onto protesters to force compliance,
    originally developed to fend off pirate attacks without killing them. Our
    boys in Astan don’t even get BEARCATs, yet the police here want them, and
    are even getting them. Obama recently banned the import of American
    firearms from other countries, and is now squeezing NFA trusts.

  23. um, the people, who have the right and the duty to throw off a corrupt
    government. havnt you been paying attention? have you read any of our
    founding documents?

  24. This is called sedition. Thank God you wing nuts do not have tanks and
    military jets. If you do have them let us know.

  25. The Tea Party is standing up for U.S. constitutional freedoms, smaller
    government, and lower taxes. Move to Cuba, numbnutz.

  26. Well yes, but that’s only possible because you have a reasonably good
    government. In the U.S. that would never work our government is far more
    concerned about killing people then saving people. Our government
    represents the will of the lobbyists, not the people.

  27. How did you think all the turds in the White House got there…(Funny!)
    Toppling of the Obama statue (Epic!) Epically disgusting and funny… the
    ending…sadly true? Maybe real life will be different, yes?

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