Brad Sherwoods Hoedowns

Like the title says :) The hoedowns in order from start: Bald Hoedown Vending Machine Hoedown Bad Restaurant Service Hoedown Tight Trousers Hoedown Family Reunion Hoedown 1 Barristers…

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  1. One of the best shows on TV ever…

    Enjoy Brad’s Hoedowns! I didn’t even recognize the young Brad from the
    British version.

  2. I rather like Brad as the 4th spot. The randomness of his lines are worthy
    of repeating in harmony

  3. No “Shot myself alive” hoedown? That was one of the greatest hoedown fails
    in history!

  4. @MyGamer125 I agree. I think the US version sounds better than the
    rushed/comical sound of the UK version

  5. Brad Is The Boss At Hoedowns. I Really Enjoyed Them, Made Me Smile/Laugh
    Every Time. So Funny :)

  6. So Brad clearly brings the goofiness, as evidenced here. Colin brings the
    horrible puns. Ryan brings the contempt in later seasons. Who else brings

  7. Great list, here’s mine (also in no order): -Drew’s Christmas Hoedown verse
    -Drew’s Village People Hoedown verse -Greg and Ryan’s Surgery Hoedown
    verses -Chip’s Drunk Mother Hoedown verse -Ryan’s Talk Show Hoedown verse

  8. Best 5 hoedowns (in no order): -Brad’s Restaurant Hoedown -Ryan’s unaired
    Halloween Hoedown -Chip’s Affair Hoedown -Ryan’s Weight Hoedown -Colin’s
    Village People Hoedown

  9. Thanks, yours too. I agree with almost all those except I get sick of the
    bald jokes so I wouldn’t say Chip’s Drunk Mother one. Another great one of
    his was his Backstreet Boys hoedown.

  10. I am losing my hair and it really is a pain. I find out every morning when
    I see the shower drain. But as you can see, It isn’t quite for me, But at
    least I’m not quite as bald as Colin Mochrie.

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